Strategic Exploration
and Design Implementation

As a designer, it is my mission to create long-term and sustainable design experiences for individuals who share a common vision of enduring quality. In each project, my focus is on pursuing intentions with a clear purpose.

In my collaborative and iterative design process, my focus is on listening to the needs of my partners. Every project begins with attentive listening to establish a foundation based on first principles. I divide the work into clear phases, allowing room for intuition. Guided instinctively, I strive for effective and engaging solutions.

Despite the rational principles, I value the importance of intuition. A process-driven approach enables me to work with fluidity and skill when tackling graphic elements. Intuition also plays a crucial role in selecting my partners. Essential to me is the presence of good products, services, or artworks from my partners. Ultimately, design is an extension of a product or service, and if there is no substance in my clients, I cannot invent it for them.

Exploration, A
My process begins with thorough exploration. Through research, interviews, and workshops, I gain a deep understanding of the brand and its products. Crucial insights emerge, serving as a guide for the subsequent stages.

Definition, B
Subsequently, I formulate the brand strategy by identifying unique qualities, skills, and services. These form the foundation for developing a clear brand narrative, a structured brand architecture, and fitting brand names.

Conception, C
Now, I lay the groundwork for the brand identity. All insights gathered are distilled into a core narrative or slogan. I develop names and structures for both the company and product brands. This stage also serves as a litmus test for all subsequent design elements.

Design, D
With a clear concept in mind, I transition to intuitive design. I experiment through hand sketches to explore a range of solutions that align with the logic of the brand narrative.

Implementation, E
After choosing a specific direction, I bring together all visual elements into a clear, effective, surprising, and timeless solution. An intensive process leads to a satisfying end result.